Musical background

Except for the two "Get It" songs and a third song "Poor Jab Blues," the remaining songs from the 1932 session have been reissued. (Some were re-recorded in 1934 and those are the versions that have been reissued, but we assume the performances were similar.) These songs provide the best guess about what the "Get It" songs might have sounded like. You can review these for ideas about the melody, chord structure and instrumentation to use when writing your songs.

You Gotta Have That Thing - Picaninny Jug Band (1932)

Bottle It Up and Go - Picaninny Jug Band (1932)

She Done Sold It Out - Will Shade (1934)

Tappin' That Thing - Charlie Burse (1932)

I Got Good Taters - Charlie Burse (1932)

Little Green Slippers - Charlie Burse (1934)

Fishing In the Dark - Charlie Burse (1934)

Come Along Little Children - Jab Jones (1932)

My Love is Cold - Jab Jones (1934)

You can purchase these recordings on Memphis Jug Band 1932-1934 from Document Records